Why Is Silent Beacon Your Best Personal Security Device in the Market Today?

No matter you are a citizen of the country you are living in or not, your personal security is always a serious issue. You are not at all safe even if you are a part of a particular nation. Crimes and criminals don’t judge you by your citizenship, caste or color. Crime just happens! This is the most prevalent threat that you might have to face during your traveling, at home and even at the office. You need to take preventive measures to avoid any kind of mishappening.

Silent Beacon LLC was established with an idea of ensuring safety to every individual in the country with a smart device known as Silent Beacon. It is a small beacon like device that is synchronized with your smartphone and able to connect, alert and track you by your loved ones in the event of an emergency. This device is fully committed to safety, affordability, convenience and customer satisfaction, which serves as major driving factors in the success of this small personal safety device.

It’s true that there are several other personal security devices by different brands that claim to be the best. Each one of these devices has both pros and cons of their own. Some of them are extremely popular and have outstanding performance record while there are others that have several loopholes in their performance. Silent Beacon is proud to be the first personal safety device made personal to you by using your smartphone to do the heavy lifting. We are the first company to offer this type of device and the first to file a patent application for the Silent Beacon. Our competitors offer their products at significantly higher price points and lack same mobility and seamless integration, which allow for a much broader user base. You don’t need to pay any monthly fees or billing. Just buy the beacon and this life alert saving unit will start working for you. There are several features that make this device unique. These include:

  • No Monthly Fees: No monthly bills. Use your existing smartphone or tablet to keep you safe.

  • Non-Emergency Mode: An alert mode that can be used when you just want to inform your loved ones that you are OK with a simple “Nudge”.

  • Live Tracking: Let your loved ones track your position when your device is in an alert mode.

  • Multiple Alert Methods: Send alert through text messages, push notifications and email emails with your GPS location.

  • Rechargeable Battery: Easy to recharge device through Micro-USB port, and also view current battery level through the app.

  • Call 911 or Loved-ones: Set the Beacon to call 911, emergency responders or any pre-stored phone number.

  • Two-Way Communication: Speak directly into the Silent Beacon without touching your smartphone.

  • Dual Audio Modes: Send alert to your emergency contacts in Silent Mode or with Alarm.

  • Water Resistant: Stay tension-free about the conditions as silent beacon comes with sealed casing and USB cover.

No more fumbling for mobile phones and dialing numbers as you can easily locate your loved ones with the touch of a button, saving precious minutes and lives. For women traveling alone or working late in offices, Silent Beacon is a godsend. Ensure your personal safety today by purchasing affordable Silent Beacon device.


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