How Wearable Safety Devices Are Helping Hand In Risky Situations?

The demand of personal safety wearable is on the rise as there are several safety devices available in the market that are gaining immense popularity. The biggest benefit of safety wearable is that they allow you to create an alert and send it to your family or friends. You can easily get help in the situations when your personal safety is at risk. This safety alert typically comprises a text message or an email alert to pre-selected friends or family members.

These devices are equipped with panic buttons that need to be pushed when you wish to initiate an alert. During some risky situation, a text message with an alert signal and device location are sent to the pre-selected emergency contacts.

Difficult situations come by chance. They will not inform you in advance, so you have to be prepared for facing any kind of situation. People think that mobile can be the best way to communicate with family or friends during risky situations, but it is not true at all. Mobile signals issues and low battery problems always bring you in trouble. So, this device cannot be 100% trustable. That’s why the need of wearable safety devices was felt.

There are numerous risky situations where personal safety beacon proves beneficial. These include:

  • In Traveling: Sometimes it may happen that you have to travel alone and suddenly you met with an accident. In such a situation, you might not able to call someone as your phone might not be reachable or it is damaged. In that case, safety beacon can be a great choice to request for help from your family or friends by simply a press of a button. You can inform them that you are in a critical situation and need an urgent help.
  • For women safety: In both developed and developing countries, women safety is a major concern. When it comes to traveling alone or working late nights at the office, it is not at all safe. In the case of any mishap, safety alert device can help you send alert messages to your family and friends. Women can now enjoy their freedom and travel safely to any part of the world.
  • Teenager’s Safety: Life of teenagers are always at risk especially when they are at school, coaching or playing. They are kidnapped for several purposes, which has made parents worried about their kids. As a result, they always accompany them or stop them from stepping outside alone. This makes you teenager kids feel frustrated sometimes. Personal safety device lets your teenage kids enjoy their life and have fun but under your surveillance. This device will let you know their location from time to time.
  • In Battle Field: Personal safety device is a boon for armed force men as they can alert their team during some strange situation. Many times communication is not possible on the battlefield or they mistakenly cross the country border, in such a situation, their troop can find the location and trace them easily. Even if there is any life threatening situation, one can easily send message alerts and share exact location with the control room.

Apart from above-mentioned situations, there are many cases where you can use your personal safety device like for better parenting, aging parents and much more. Silent Beacon is a small device that is easy to carry and effortless to initiate alert during any emergency situation.


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