How Silent Beacon Can Help to Protect Realtors from Crime

From the massive foreclosures of the 2008 economic down turn, realtors have increasingly become targets of various heinous crimes, signaling an urgent need for every realtor to have a personal emergency alert device. Murder after murder, assault after assault; the real estate industry has been devastated by unending news of unsuspecting realtors losing their lives in the line of duty. According to the United States Bureau of Labour and Statistics, there has been an average of 75 deaths per year and 2009 in the real estate rental and leasing industry.

Typical Crimes against Realtors

Consequent upon the increasing rate of brutal attacks on realtors, experts have suggested ways to stay safe or get help when it matters in these situations. However, knowing the typical attack models on realtors may be an important first step towards preventing an occurrence or coming out of one unharmed. The following are some common crimes committed against realtors.

  • Shot Dead by Impostors Posing as Buyers: Certain persons may have scores to settle with a real estate agent and lures him/her under the pretext of seeing a house in a secluded place. To buttress this point, there is the case of a real estate agent in Texas who was fatally stabbed 27 times when she met up with a ‘client’ at a model home she had advertised for sale. The murderer was convicted and sentenced to death after he confessed that he targeted other realtors.
  • Murder by Disgruntled Former Homeowners: The need for a personal emergency alert device becomes more critical when a realtor is going on a trip to sell a foreclosed property. No one is happy that their property is being taken from them. So violence can be the next option to vent the frustration.
  • Stalking from Web Trail: Estate agents do a good job of advertising their existing properties on the web, showing contact details and physical office addresses. They have been trailed by criminals and robbed or raped in some cases.

Client Loses Cool and Attacks: In 2008, Troy Vanderstelt, a real estate agent was shot and killed in his office by his client, Robert Johnson. Reason for murder: Johnson was upset that he paid too much for the house he bought. Troy was shot at point blank range and that would have been averted if he had a personal emergency alert device on him.

How to Prevent Attacks

The good news is that realtors can take positive actions to avert these attacks or stay safe if it happens.

A few tips to achieve these are:

  • Utilize Technology: Having a personal emergency alert device can be very crucial in attack situations. These devices are designed to help you alert emergency services or people who can respond quickly and get you out of trouble.
  • Consider Everyone a Suspect: Do not trust anyone when on a trip to inspect property. Inform the office and go with a colleague or group of colleagues if possible.
  • Keep Online Photos Professional: Posting ‘attractive’ photos on the web may attract the wrong attention to you. Be professional.

About Silent Beacon

Silent Beacon is the most advanced personal emergency response system that you can find anywhere today. It is a wearable emergency alert device that helps people in trouble to notify their loved ones, emergency services or medical response teams, without having to make telephone calls. The features of this emergency device are unique. It allows you the flexibility to add up to eight emergency contacts on your list and to further programme the emergency services helpline so that with the touch of a button, you can get the alarm bells ringing loudly.

What is more? You can send a mass message to all your emergency contacts just at the press of a button and the GPS-enabled locator will help them get to your location without much help from you.

How Silent Beacon Can Help Realtors Stay Safe

Are you a real estate firm? You need peace of mind when your employees go about to show a house in an unfamiliar territory. The Silent Beacon device allows them full control to select who they want to contact in the case of an emergency; whether direct alerts to the emergency services or an alert to the office. The full suite of this device comes with many amazing features that can make realtors go about their duties with peace of mind, being in full control of their safety.


With frequent attacks occurring against realtors and the statistics seeming alarming by the day, the need for the Silent Beacon is highly critical. It is a personal emergency alert device you can always depend on.


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