What Makes Silent Beacon Different from the Competition?

Safety of your loved ones is just a click away. This sounds very interesting as technology has made us safer than before and also lets us keep our loved ones safe through special safety alert devices. The idea behind these personal safety devices is that they all work on the concept of GPS tracker that tracks the location of the person, once the emergency alert signal is triggered through a click of a button.
Silent Beacon considers its safety concept unique and different from others. It is a GPS based tracking device which is small in size and completely protects you and your loved ones from all kinds of risks. This small device is available with a safety app that users need to install on their mobile devices, add emergency alerts into it and then link it with the beacon. Once the alert signal is initiated from the beacon, an application will also get activated and start sending an emergency request to all the contacts that have been added to the app during the time of installation.
Silent Beacon personal security devices and app is different from others as it has been featured with so many features like:
  • No Monthly Fees
  • Non-Emergency Mode
  • Live Tracking
  • Multiple Alert Methods
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Call 911 or Loved-ones
  • Two-Way Communication
  • Dual Audio Modes
  • Water Resistant
There are some really good competitors of Silent Beacon that are very popular among different types of users. Let’s understand how Silent Beacon and these competitors are different to each other.
  • Sabre Paper Spray & Silent Beacon: Sabre offers #1 pepper spray trusted by police and consumers worldwide while silent beacon is a gadget. Both these products are completely different, but they both give equal competition. You need to remember carrying pepper spray with you every time you move out while when it comes to Beacon, you can put it around your neck as a necklace or put it on your car/home keys, which you always carry when you go out for some work.
  • General Security & Silent Beacon: General Security is a Personal Emergency / Medical Alert device that allows you to instantly speak to an emergency call center specialist without any need of a mobile phone. It is good to call someone for help during an emergency. But why someone from a call center. You can call your family during any emergency situation with Silent Beacon.
  • QMedic & Silent Beacon: QMedic is another medical alert system that is available with the traditional pendant/medal with the base unit model, making two ways communication possible at all times, but with one person only who will have the base unit. While with Silent Beacon, you can connect with several people through messages and emails and one people through a call.
  • Stiletto & Silent Beacon: Both the devices are perfect for college students, professional women who see new clients alone, women who love wearable technology, personal security when you need it most, women at risk and showing loved ones you care about their safety. They both are small in size, but Stiletto has better looks as compared to Silent Beacon. Stiletto price starts from $179 while Silent Beacon costs you $89.99. So, when it comes to pricing, Silent Beacon beats Stiletto.
  • Revolar & Silent Beacon: Both the devices are similar as they both let your loved ones know your GPS location during any emergency situation. You can perform check-in, send multiple alerts, give a call and send a custom message through the device. Revolar Original lacks a few features, but Revolar Instinct has almost all features possessed by Silent Beacon. Both the devices give tough competition to each other.
Hence, after comparing all the devices, it can be concluded that Silent Beacon is a good option when it comes to buying a safety alert device. It is affordable and available in different unique color options.

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