Choosing the best GPS Tracker For your kids

Kids these days are bright and brainy. They can easily determine what is good for them and what not. They know what can lead them into trouble and how to avoid such a situation. They are smart not only in their looks but also by their brain. They don’t follow their parent’s advice, they follow their examples and how their parents handle a particular situation. That’s why parenting has become much more difficult than before. There are lots of challenges that parents have to face while rearing their kids. They have to make them learn to make decisions, sometimes for their own safety from several threats.
Parents are very much concerned about their kids’ safety, especially when they are out of sight. Parents know that kids are curious and love to explore and try new things. They make their own rules and try to push boundaries set by their parents, which can prove dangerous to them. When their kids are out, they feel nervous till the time their kids are back. But wearable safety devices have reduced the challenges of parenthood. No matter you are going out on a family outing or your kids are excited to go out on a school trip, these devices will make you stress-free.
Personal safety wearables are the finest way to protect your child from all kinds of life risks. These devices let you track the location of your kids without being too intrusive, giving you a peace of mind. Given below is the list of some of the best personal safety devices that you can choose to keep your young and adult kids safe.
  • Tinitell: It is a simple, durable and fun wearable mobile phone for kids. It is an easily wearable device for kids and is perfect for outdoor adventures. With this simple wearable safety device, your kids can make and receive phone calls and parents manage it from the Tinitell admin app. They can add up to 12 contacts into this app. As it is GPS enabled device, you can easily track the location of your kid on a map in the Tinitell app. This device can be run through both iOS and Android admin app.
  • Amby Gear Smart watch: This is a smart watch for smart kids as it is a healthy, enjoyable and rewarding way for kids to use technology. Amby Gear provides peace of mind and connects parents with their kids. With this personal safety alert system, you can stay connected with your kids 24/7 as this device uses 2G & 3G cellular technology all together to ensure you are always connected with your child. You can easily locate your child’s location at anytime and anywhere, make an easy connection with them and create & manage out of bound alerts.
  • SilentBeacon: Silent Beacon is a personal safety beacon that can be easily used to protect your kids from all kinds of threats. It is a wearable device that can be attached to the kid’s bag or their bicycle keychain or use as an adornment. This is a GPS tracking life alertsystem that can help your kids initiate alert signals by pressing both the buttons on the device during some emergency situation. Parents can connect with their kids through an emergency alert system app available for both iOS and Android. They can not only track their kid’s location but also talk to them through an emergency call, which can be possible directly through the beacon.
  • Lineable: All Lineable users come under The Lineable Network for the purpose of children’s safety. Lineable is a smartband that has been developed with the idea of “protecting our children together.” Under the Lineable Network, children are safe. This device is a kind of wristband loaded with beacon technology that allows parents to both find their kids easily and prevent them from losing in the crowd.
There are so many things that come in the mind of parents. They want to protect their kids from dangers of the outside world, but side by side they have to make sure that they are being polite in keeping them safe – which is the toughest job.

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