Wearable Emergency Alert System is Essential at Workplace

Wearable technology has become prominent and is commonly being used for both personal and business use. Sensors, GPS and Bluetooth are showing up everywhere and transferring the location details of the persons carrying wearable safety device to their loved ones. But this concept of the personal safety device is now extending to the workplace. Let’s understand how these safety wearables are prevailing at job sites.

From Construction Company to and IT development center, the life of the employees is always at risk. Workers at construction sites have to work in the fear of losing their lives, which sometimes reduces their overall productivity. On the other hand, people working in offices or doing field jobs are also not safe. Companies are encouraging workers and employees to use safety wearable at the workplace to reduce the life risks and boost employee productivity. These devices will keep the workers connected to their supervisors or offices and allow instant updates. Safety wearable devices could prove a boon for those who are toiling in hazardous environments like wind turbines, mines, or oil rigs. These devices could make work safer, connect workers to control centers and help alert employees to hazards.

Here are some top safety wearable devices for employees to wear at the job site.

  • DAQRI Smart Helmet: This is a high-tech device that lays out work instruction on visor so that worker can easily see what needs to be done. This helmet is featured with high speed and wide-angle tracking camera paired with a processor for AR applications. It has a transparent optical see-through display that has been ruggedized for industrial surroundings. There is a special thermal camera that performs constant thermal monitoring of industrial equipment. The helmet also supports a 360 navigation camera with HD video recording, 3D mapping, and photography.


  • XOEye Smart Glasses: These special smart glasses communicate with every expert at your workplace and connect with decision-makers and increase the overall efficiency of the workers. It is equipped with a camera with internet connection which allows construction professionals to communicate back and forth to complete all tasks.


  • Spot-r: This device is advancing safety by connecting job sites with its workers. It is a wearable technology device that improves the safety of construction workers and keeps productivity moving forward. With this wearable device, you can empower the workforce safety and accountability with real-time communication and location technology.


  • Zippkool: It is a patented fabric jacket with a super light-weight fan in it. This product is designed to create an artificial airflow inside the jacket surrounding the body that results in quick vaporization of the sweat. It is a perfect for the workers who have to work in heated environments and help them to stay cool. These special “cooling jackets” will keep the workers cool and give them comfort; hence, increasing their productivity.


  • Silent Beacon: It is a Bluetooth device that can be worn around the neck, or like a bracelet or even use it as a keychain. This device is connected through the app that you need to install on your mobile device and you also need to add the contacts that you want to connect during an emergency situation. Silent Beacon is the GPS-based device, which can initiate alert signal silently on just a single click of the alert buttons. These alert signals are sent to the contacts that you have added to your list of emergency contacts. These alert signals could be in the form of emails or text messages. Those employees who have to work in hazardous conditions must carry this device as it will send alert signals to your supervisor or control room during any emergency situation. Also, it will tell your location.

Certainly, there will be many other such devices that can prove useful for all kinds of workers working in difficult conditions. These devices will definitely help you increase the productivity of your employees, win more work and also make it easier to recruit and retain talent with workforce development benefits.


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